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Mar 2017

Is Virtual Reality just 2017’s Google Glass (with guest Rachel Metz)?

After hearing that Oculus Rift is retreating from almost half of its Best Buy locations, we were wondering if VR was a fading fad. We invited MIT Technology Review's Rachel Metz to chat with us. And here's the article she wrote about this:


Feb 2017

The 9 best movies you’ve never seen (with guest Christian Toto)

With the Oscars around the corner and after recently talking about streaming services and cable cutting, this week we welcome special guest film critic Christian Toto for a roundtable discussion of our 9 favorite, underrated movies. These are great films to watch this weekend or whenever you need something that is awesome but not necessarily the latest blockbuster. 

The films we discussed on this epsiode:

The Fountain
Full Moon and Blue Water
12 Monkeys
Best Worst Movie
Dark City
Over the Hedge

We also recommended this site to see where a movie is available for streaming:

Check out Christian Toto online:


Feb 2017

6 essential productivity tools

THis week Dave and Rick share their three favorite producivity tools (and why they love them). Here are the various apps and services discussed on this show:






Office Lens

Android Pay

Apple Pay


Feb 2017

Do you need a fancy router to fix your home’s Wi-Fi?

This week, we discuss mesh wifi routers like the Eero, Google Wifi, and Netgear Orbi. They have some real advantages over traditional wifi routers, but a huge downside: They're a lot more expensive. Dave recently tested Eero and he discusses the pros and cons with Rick.

Products mentioned in this podcast:




Feb 2017

Can you save money by cutting cable TV?

This week, we take a hard look at cord cutting -- can you save money by cutting cable and just subscribing to streaming services? Or is there more ere than meets the eye?

Jan 2017

Fake news: Where it lives and how to avoid it

Fake news seems to be everywhere these days, so how do you tell when something is fake? And is it possible to avoid it to begin with? That's the subject today. 

Some of the tools we talked about in this episide:

Web of trust

This is Fake

B.S. Detector

And here's the Onion article we mentioned from way back in 2000 which linked Harry Potter to Satanism:

We also talked about the recent Techwalla article on fake news:


Jan 2017

CES 2017 wrapup!

Recording our second CES epsiode "amost live" from CES, we wrap up the show this week with conversations about Circuit Scribe, Lego Boost, the Sevenhugs universal remote, Plantronics headphones, the terrifying iPal family robot, and some utterly inexplicable Vinci headphones from Inspero.

Jan 2017

The best and worst of CES (so far)

Reporting almost live from CES, we talk about the most interesting things we've seen on the show floor this year, including great stuff (like VR, drones, and smart home gadgets) and some head scratchingly misguided gadgets like "smart" hairbrushes and sticky note printers.

Dec 2016

Download movies from Netflix (and the frustrating glut of streaming services)

Joining us once again this week: Special guest tech journalist Melissa Perenson. We talk about downloading movies from Netflix for offline viewing. We also talk about the glut of streaming sites (did you know YouTube has its own premium subscription service?) and the coming reckoning that will bring. Join us for this last episode of 2016. See you in 2017 live from CES. 

Dec 2016

Last minute holiday tech shopping (with special guest)

Christmas and Chanukah are just 2 weeks away--so with the urgency that only comes from being out of time, we offer a slew of tech-y gift ideas for all the people on your shopping list. We also lament toys of old that were seemingly designed to murder children, and discuss the pros and cons of cream cheese holiday cookies. Oh, and we welcome special guest tech journalist Melissa Perenson.